Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome to Antiques and Vintage

I love antiques and vintage items. I go searching for these treasures every chance I get. Sometimes, even after almost 30 years in the business, I find an item that baffles me. That is when I pull out my books, search the item on the web and take a trip to the library. If there are no results by this time, I take the item to an experienced antique that I've known for years and trust.

Be very cautious of antique dealers who tell you that you've found an item that resembles the Hope Diamond but even more so, those who inform you that your item isn't worth anything. Like I said earlier, the antique dealer or appraiser MUST be someone you trust. Get to know this person over time. Keep track of the times when he/she is right or wrong. If you find they are deliberately taking you down the wrong path, start looking for another dealer.

Since I'm just beginning this blog, I'm going to keep it short. My goal is to interact with those of you who would like to learn more about antiques and vintage. I welcome your comments, your photos and your questions. I'm always open to learning more and I'm sure we will learn many things together.